There comes a time when a decision has to be made. You part ways, move on and take along the most important. Someone, something that illuminates your path. Ana Colja, the internationally renowned model, returns back to her homeland with her daughter after more than 10 years of living in Los Angeles. Rocky, bumpy roads make them stronger. The urge to play is a vehicle that moves them forward. A celebration of their journey to a place where Ana grew up, an exploration of the beautiful landscape of Karst with Volvo V90 CC, and a poetic homage to an empowering mother-daughter bond.


Jan is the founder of IRON x WOOD, a company from Slovenia building tables from reclaimed wood with a strong vision that brings together the age old respect and knowledge of locals who have been living hand in hand with wood and the restoration of the old into modern that people will use with pleasure today. Above all IRON x WOOD tables radiate grounded presence we yearn for in the fast paced days. Jan’s personal story and relationship with the wood is the most honest way to introduce you to the company’s approach to the wood-making.


This is a story about the people who possess thousands years old knowing of hunting and now are looking for ways to survive in the ecosystem that is in a collapse. The project is a photographic series with the story angle that is centered on the element of ice and perspective of the Inuits with a sharp message about the urgency of the issue for humanity.